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Case Studies

The following case studies are drawn from Thunder Cranes’ project experience to help you learn more about how our services and products assist our clients.


Offshore Coiled Tubing (CTU) Lifting Support

Offshore Coiled Tubing (CTU) Lifting Support

For well services on remote unmanned and crane-less platforms, reliable and precise lifting operations are critical for project success and safety. Traditional methods of supporting coiled tubing operations might involve a large vessel or barge crane, which can be costly. However, advancements in portable-modular crane technology have unlocked efficiencies in supporting activities on remote platforms, offering flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced safety.
Offshore Lifting Solution

Lifting Support for KOP Installation

The TC15 Stiff Leg (portable-modular crane) was selected as the most cost-effective and efficient solution to assist our client with lifting a Knock-Out-Pot (KOP) at an offshore platform in Malaysia. The KOP was lifted from the vessel to the platform and the installation completed safely and successfully within a timely manner.
offshore angola platform crane replacement

Angola Offshore Platform Crane Changeout

Thunder Cranes successfully completed the challenging first phase of a crane replacement project in offshore Angola. The goal of the first phase of the project was the safe removal of a platform crane boom. Our scope included comprehensive site surveys for detailed planning, followed by rigging and lifting operations with portable-modular cranes.

Compressor Module Installation

Thunder Cranes enables clients to make routine work more efficient, in this case by applying new methods to the challenge of installing compressor modules on platforms in the Gulf of Thailand.

Lifting Support for Coiled Tubing Project Offshore

Offshore coiled tubing operations require specific cranes to perform at optimum levels. Thunder Cranes provided lifting support for coiled tubing operations in offshore Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with cranes designed for portable use and ease of assembly & disassembly on offshore installations.
rigless conductor driving offshore

Rigless Conductor Installation Offshore

The following case study describes the successful deployment of a rigless conductor installation system on an offshore installation in Dubai, UAE. The system has been shown to reduce rig time and expenses by pre-installing conductors prior to the arrival of the drilling rig.

Lifting Solutions On FPSO

The goal of this project in offshore Thailand was the installation of new davit arms for FPSO life-raft upgrades. Thunder Cranes successfully deployed TC05 & TC15 cranes, enabling the upgrades to be completed on schedule and under budget.

Rigless P&A Support

Part of a multi-year, multi-platform plug and abandonment campaign that began in 2019, the following case study is a description of how Thunder Cranes’ TC90 modular crane performs a key role in supporting the offshore activities for both HWU and RPU.

Deck Extension Lifting Support

Thunder Cranes was involved in a recently completed facilities engineering project in the Gulf of Thailand for Mubadala Petroleum. Three extension decks were installed on an offshore platform with lifting support provided by Thunder Cranes’ TC20 stiff leg type modular crane.

Support For Offshore Pumping

Thunder Cranes recently deployed a modular rental crane (TC15-SL) to assist our client with lifting operations in a pumping project at an offshore platform in Malaysia. The project was safely and successfully completed within a timely manner.

Flare Tip Replacement Support

Our objective in this project was to provide the lifting solution for a flare tip change out on an offshore platform in Malaysia. Thunder Cranes supplied specialist crew and a customised lifting system. The change out was completed safely, successfully and on schedule within the allocated 6 day shutdown window.

E-Line Lifting Solution Offshore

Thunder Cranes provided cost effective lifting support with the TC15 stiff leg crane for a standalone E-Line well intervention activity on an offshore platform in Malaysia.
Thunder Cranes supports P&A project in Malaysia

HWU Support in P&A Project

Thunder Cranes provided a modular pedestal crane to support a P&A campaign for Shell, Malaysia. The TC70 assisted with critical lifting needed for E-Line and Slickline activities, christmas tree changeout, HWU rig up, equipment and material handling throughout the project.

Lifting Support for PSA Installation on FPSO

Thunder Cranes successfully positioned a TC05 modular crane on FPSO process deck to provide lifting support for a PSA vessel changeout on an FPSO. Our scope included lifting equipment from the process deck to the platform upper deck. The heaviest lift performed was 3,516Kg.

HWO Lifting Support

From time to time existing platform cranes do not have the reach or capacity to support the entire well intervention operation. Temporary rental cranes are a cost effective solution to support a platform’s existing crane during projects that require additional lifting capacity.

Helideck Skidding

Thunder Cranes was responsible for skidding a 120MT Helideck structure backwards by 7 metres in order to clear sufficient space to accommodate drilling rig activities at this Malaysian platform.

HVAC Lifting & Installation

When platform space and access to the object lift are highly restricted it becomes necessary to design a customised lifting solution, as we did for the lifting and installation of HVAC units on this Malaysian platform.

Construction Work On-SPAR

There are times when conventional lifting capabilities will not work and clients require unique lifting solutions engineered for specific jobs, such as for this lifeboat extension deck in a Malaysian oilfield.

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