There are times when conventional lifting capabilities will not work and clients require unique lifting solutions engineered for specific jobs, such as for this lifeboat extension deck in a Malaysian oilfield.


Case Summary

As part of increasing the capacity of the living quarters accommodation our client needed to increase the number of lifeboats aboard this Single Point Anchoring Resevoir (SPAR) facility located in the offshore Malaysian oilfields.

The challenge was the lack of space and this required fitting in an extension to the existing deck where the lifeboat davits were situated. The location of the extension work itself was underneath the helideck, 85ft above sea level. This made it inaccessible for a conventional platform crane, portable crane, or even barge crane to assist with lifting construction materials from supply vessel to platform level.


Increasing the lifeboat capacity was urgently needed for safety reasons. The project had to be completed within a 2 month period to allow our client to accommodate manpower on the platform at the planned capacity.


We worked together with our client to develop a customised lifting solution that could overcome the challenges presented and lift the new extension deck and the new davits where they were needed. The result of our collaboration was the design and construction of a completely customised winch frame, to be situated on the helideck, on which our lifting equipment could be installed. The winch frame was fabricated and tested onshore within a month and we were able to execute the job within the 2 month period as requested.

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Customised lifting solution required due to restricted space and accessibility
Our Service
  • Site Inspection and Lift Plan
  • Engineered Solution
  • Custom Built Winch Frame
  • Lifting Operations
  • Cost effective and timely solutions provided where few options existed
  • Malaysia