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Thunder Cranes have established facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Angola, and Brunei.   Our largest operational hubs are in Songkhla (Thailand), and Labuan (Malaysia).

In Malaysia our main facility is located at Labuan’s Asian Supply Base, East Malaysia’s foremost Oil & Gas hub, and is 89,340 sq ft in area.  In Songkhla  (Thailand) we have a 25,000 sq ft facility.

Both facilities feature integrated HSE, Operations, Technical & Maintenance, Logistics/storage-warehouse, workshop and open yard. Our crane test pad and open yard area provide a controlled environment for the rig-up and rig-down and testing of lifting equipment and gear.

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Thunder Cranes’ quality working environment improves operational functionality and encourages a strong pride in the workforce with corresponding job performance.

The workshops carry out major OEM maintenance and servicing work for its fleet; minor maintenance is carried out at the relevant onshore support bases worldwide.

Thunder Cranes utilises Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to manage day-to-day operations and to track the status of preventative maintenance work, to monitor the associated costs of that work, and to provide valuable information for preparing key performance indicators (KPIs)/metrics to use in evaluating the effectiveness of the current operations and to support organisational and personnel decisions.

Facility Features

  • Large general workshop area with lighting to work at night
  • Overhead cranes cover the entire workshop area
  • Clean Room for servicing Hydraulic pumps and Motors
  • One wash bay with bunker and Oil Sump
  • Dedicated Welding Service
  • Water & Wet Sand Blasting Area
  • Paint work center
  • Oilfield Lathe machine
  • Segregated Fuel / Lubricants / Paints / Waste Oil / storage facility
  • Oil Interceptor
  • Large gravel yard with fencing for storage of equipment

Key Personnel

Get to know our team members, each skillful in their principalities.

About Us

Learn more about Thunder Cranes such as our mission, vision and values.

HSE Policy

Thunder Cranes is accredited according to international standards as well as practice strict policies on quality, safety and the environment.

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