Successful non-routine lifts, both onshore and offshore, are a challenge even for professionals. Heavy and/or complex lifts are even more challenging to execute. Proper planning is paramount in mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of employees and the protection of your assets.

Issues that arise in lifting will commonly originate from deficiencies at the planning stage. That’s where trained, qualified and experienced professionals are needed.

Thunder Cranes have planned thousands of lifts in over 25 years of operations in offshore lifting services via rental cranes, engineered lifts, skidding and complex rigging. Our lifting specialists are here to provide you with the benefit of years of experience in creating safe, detailed lifting plans for your offshore lifts.



Getting Thunder Cranes on your team couldn't be any easier. Simply provide us with the documents listed on the Lift Planning enquiry form and we will do the rest. Typically, we will;

1) Immediately review your scope and submission.

2) Schedule a phone call to discuss the scope and ask any questions that are not covered in the documents submitted.

3) Our specialists create an outline of the final plan and a quotation is sent for your review and approval.

4) The final proposal is completed and submitted for your review and approval.

5) If revisions need to be made, we will update the lifting plan based on the comment and resend for your review and approval.

5) The completed Lift Plan is emailed and sent to you via digital report.

6) Our customer service continues through to the end of your project.

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