Thunder Cranes was responsible for skidding a 120MT helideck structure backwards by 7 metres in order to clear sufficient space to accommodate drilling rig activities at this Malaysian platform.


Case Summary

Our client has targeted a new well position and needs to perform drilling activities at their platform via a jack up drilling rig. However the location of the planned drilling activity will be under the existing platform helideck structure. The solution to this challenge was to extend the current platform’s skid beam in order to allow the helideck to be repositioned. Thunder Cranes was invited to this project by providing the helideck skidding capability.


The skidding of the helideck needed to be completed within 1 day to avoid excessive cost impact on accommodation boat and logistic coordination.


Thunder Cranes’ expertise in offshore helideck skidding allowed us to assist our client to clear space at the valve head area for planned drilling rig activities on the platform. We were able to skid the helideck by 7 meters in less than 2 hours.

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Reposition 120MT Helideck by 7 metres
Our Service
  • Site Survey and Lift Plan
  • Engineered Solution
  • TC Winch Rental
  • Skidding Operation
  • Cost effective and safer solution compared with lift boat
  • Malaysia