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Offshore Stiff Leg Crane Models

TC 05

20ft, 25ft, 30ft

TC 15

25ft, 40ft,50ft, 60ft

TC 20

40ft, 50ft, 60ft, 70ft, 80ft

Key Features of Stiff Leg Crane

240 degrees boom rotation

Rig up activities including load test will only take approximately 3 days under ideal situation

Crane boom length up to 80ft boom

Ability to be self-lifted

Standard installation to the platform will not require hot-work

Equipped with base beam that distributes load to the platform

Our Clients

Stiff Leg Cranes For All Your Offshore Lifting Needs

Offshore platforms may lack the appropriate lifting equipment necessary to support the most efficient and cost-effective project strategy. Existing platform cranes may not have the required reach radius, hook height, or may have been de-rated, hindering the fulfilment of project requirements. Consequently, a temporary offshore rental crane may be necessary.

If you are looking for the best temporary offshore stiff leg crane to ensure your project runs like clockwork, you have come to the right place.

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Thunder Cranes’ API-compliant stiff leg cranes are designed for rapid installation, and are supplied with crane operators, and are backed up with onshore engineering and maintenance teams.

We offer a selection of modular stiff leg cranes to cater to the different demands of your offshore projects, helping to accelerate them towards a successful conclusion.

Things You Should Know About Our Stiff Leg Cranes

Thunder Cranes offer 3 variations of adaptable and efficient modular offshore stiff leg cranes for you to choose from, and they are the TC05, TC15 and TC20, which are more suitable for lifting from 1 tons up to 20 tons of weight. 

The TC05 stiff leg crane has boom lengths of 20ft, 25ft and 30ft with the capacity to hold up to a maximum of 5 tons of weight with a rig-up time of 8 to 10 hours. 

The TC05 was recently used in a lifting support activity for PSA installation on FPSO, whereby the stiff leg crane assisted in the PSA vessel changeout, which was completed safely and successfully.

Another stiff leg crane variation is the TC15, with boom lengths of 25ft, 40ft, 50ft and 60ft and can hold up to 15 tons with a rig-up time of 12 to 15 hours. 

Thunder Cranes provided cost-effective lifting support with the TC15 stiff leg crane for a standalone E-Line well intervention activity on an offshore platform in Malaysia, which was a  success.

Finally, the TC20 stiff leg crane has a similar rig-up time and boom lengths of 40ft, 50ft, 60ft, 70ft and 80ft, with the capacity to lift up to 20 tons of weight. 

The TC20 offshore crane, together with the TC90 were utilised for lifting support for coiled tubing operations in offshore Dubai, United Arab Emirates – another successful well intervention project. 

In Dubai, our cranes enabled the coiled tubing work to begin ahead of schedule and was a safe and cost-effective solution compared with alternative methods.

The Key Features of Our Offshore Stiff Leg Cranes

As a market-leading provider of portable-modular cranes and specialised lifting solutions, our offshore stiff leg cranes with up to 80ft boom length promise the reliability , adaptability and versatility to get the job done.

One of the key features of Thunder Cranes’ stiff leg cranes is that they have the ability to rotate 240 degrees boom rotation, which is crucial for a variety of tasks, including lifting large machinery and equipment.

Apart from that, our offshore stiff leg cranes are equipped with a base beam that distributes the load to the platform and its wide base and sturdy legs provide optimum stability.

Additionally, our stiff leg cranes also have self-lifting abilities which enable them to be deployed to the platform of vessels without the assistance of lift vessels or crane barges.

The standard installation to the platform will not require any hot work and requires minimum to no modifications.

These features help to cut down on a lot of time and allow for projects to be completed faster and with fewer delays, which in turn also saves costs in the long run. 

Besides that, under an ideal situation, rig-up activities including load tests can take as little as  2 days with our offshore stiff leg cranes.

All our cranes are built, maintained and operated in accordance with API standards.

Why Should You Choose Stiff Leg Crane Rental Services From Thunder Cranes?

Thunder Cranes currently owns and operates the largest rental fleet of modular offshore stiff leg cranes worldwide.  

Our company has been in the industry for over 25 years, and to this day we have been providing only exceptional lifting and engineering solutions to clients globally, making us one of the most  trusted names  in the field.

Since 1994, we have successfully conducted over 100,000 offshore lifts with our offshore stiff leg crane rental services and other specialised lifting solutions.

In addition, we are API-compliant and ISO-certified and have always made safety our utmost priority when conducting any job. 

Thunder Cranes Offer More Solutions than Just Stiff Leg Crane Rental

Besides offering offshore stiff leg crane rental services and other lifting equipment, we also provide various other offshore engineering solutions.

These include a range of offshore lifting solutions such as lift planning, project management  and technical support services, flare tip replacements, and a variety of complex  rigging and lifting services.

If you are interested to learn more about our stiff leg crane rental service or other offshore engineering solutions, get in touch with us today!

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