The goal of this project in offshore Thailand was the installation of new davit arms for FPSO life-raft upgrades. Thunder Cranes successfully deployed TC05 & TC15 cranes, enabling the upgrades to be completed on schedule and under budget. The use of portable cranes on FPSO demonstrates the adaptability and versatility of Thunder Cranes’ equipment.


Case Summary

FPSO’s are complex structures, with a maze of piping and production modules on deck, requiring regular maintenance and upgrading of machinery and components. Maintenance and upgrades can be a challenge when serious lifting is required in areas of the vessel located outside of the operating radius of onboard cranes.

Our clients operated a highly productive FPSO in offshore Thailand and need to extend living quarter capacity, which in turn required upgrading of lifeboats & davits. Her onboard cranes did not have the reach radius to work the area where the lifeboat davits were located.

Calling a lift vessel or barge to perform the lifting work is an option, however it is an expensive one. For example, in this case the use of a 150mt barge crane for a maximum lift of 7t is akin to using a cannon to kill a mosquito – a costly and inefficient use of resources.

The solution called for comprehensive, detailed planning and the positioning our cranes to perform the object lift required a multi-step process:

  1. Lifting the components of our smallest crane from supply boat to FPSO lay-down area via the FPSO 2 ton jib crane.
  2. Skidding & rigging the components of TC05 from one side of the vessel to the other navigating obstacles, turns and stairs.
  3. TC05 assembled and securely tied down in position to lift the components of TC15 from the supply boat.
  4. TC15 assembled and securely tied down in position to lift the davit arms. Davit arms installed on the fly due to space constraints on FPSO.


  • 3 Days for positioning & rig up of TC Cranes.
  • 2 Weeks To Completed Davit installation.
  • 3 Days for rig down and backload TC Cranes.


Thunder Cranes’ met all of the challenges the clients faced, and at a fraction of the cost of larger alternatives. Our fleet of offshore rental cranes, the largest in the Asia Pacific region, are designed to be versatile and adaptable, and can be installed on various types of offshore platforms and structures without the aid of an existing platform crane.

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