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Complex Rigging & Lifting Offshore Solutions

The load is at Point A and needs to be moved to Point B, and as such a number of handling systems may be involved in its transition from take-off to placement. These might include cranes, jacks, rollers, hydraulic gantries, a slide system, strand jacks or other equipment. At the end of the day, we overcome gravity’s pull and create movement in a controlled manner.

Complex, or what we call “engineered” lifting and rigging solutions, includes: custom rig-up of our cranes; complex rigging; skidding, and; specialised mechanical handling for a range of projects in the offshore environment such as:

  • Flare Tip Removal
  • Lifting in Restricted Spaces
  • Lifting on FPSO
  • Lifting under Helideck / Cellar Deck
  • Helideck Skidding
  • LARS (launch and recovery) Services

Creating Movement In A Controlled Manner

Accelerate Your Offshore Project

We believe in striving to provide a level service to exceed our clients expectations and aim to efficiently and safely help you shorten the critical path towards your project’s successful completion.​

With over 25 years of offshore lifting experience, Thunder Cranes have developed the specific equipment and expert hands to tackle a range of lifting challenges for the oil and gas industry with solutions that support a wide variety of work in facilities engineering, well-intervention services, and plug & abandonment.

Helping you identify the most efficient and safe solution to the specific challenge at hand.

Providing you with a detailed plan to show our careful step-by-step approach to achieving the objectives successfully, safely and in a timely manner.

Our Clients

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