Offshore coiled tubing operations require specific cranes to perform at optimum levels. Thunder Cranes provided lifting support for coiled tubing operations in offshore Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with cranes designed for portable use and ease of assembly & disassembly on offshore installations.


Case Summary

During planning for the coiled tubing operations it was determined that there was insufficient space (to accommodate all of the coiled tubing equipment) on the platform deck that was located directly over the wells identified for intervention.

As a result we needed to make use of an adjacent platform, located 50 feet away, and we designed a lifting plan using 2 cranes and both platforms to carry out the lifting support required for the project.

For the purposes of this case study we will name them “Platform A” and “Platform B”, with a summary of the steps we carried out described below:

  • Using the existing platform jib crane we lifted the component parts of the 20 ton crane (TC20) from supply vessel to Platform A.
  • Once TC20 was rigged up and load tested it then lifted the component parts of our 90 ton crane (TC90) from supply vessel to Platform A.
  • After the TC90 was rigged up it rigged down the TC20 and lifted all of the TC20 components from Platform A to Platform B.
  • TC20 was then rigged up on Platform B.
  • TC90 was able to pick up the coiled tubing reel, with a long enough boom to be able to hook to the coiled tubing pipe and pull it over from one platform to another to be run through the injector.
  • Over on platform A, working in tandem with the TC90, the TC20 lifted, rigged up, and helped support the coiled tubing injector.


In this case we rigged up and load tested 2 cranes within 7 days thanks to the TC clamping method, the modular design of the cranes, and our highly experienced staff.

Day 1 – Offload and start rig up TC20
Day 2 – Finish rig up and load test TC20
Day 3 – Offload and start rig up TC90
Day 4 – Finish rig up and load test TC90
Day 5 – Rig down TC20 and move to attached platform
Day 6 – Rig up TC20 on attached platform
Day 7 – Load test TC20 and begin supporting CT work


Economic cost is the determinant in judging the success of a well intervention project. In this project TC20 and TC90 cranes enabled the coiled tubing work to begin ahead of schedule, and was a safe & cost effective solution compared with alternative methods.

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Space constraints
  • Co-ordinated lifting activities between 2 platforms
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