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Offshore Rental Cranes (Portable-Modular)

Thunder Cranes offers a wide range of rental cranes (temporary installation cranes) for the offshore oil and gas industry. Our unique portable-modular cranes, and self-lifting system means we can deploy even our largest cranes on platforms where there are no existing cranes.

Our cranes’ modular design enables rapid installation (2 to 5 days), with standard mechanical installation involving no hot work. Depending on your requirement a Rig safe or Zone 2 power pack provides the necessary hydraulic drive. Our cranes are supplied complete with operating crews, engineering and project management solutions. Click on the following links to read more about our range of pedestal and stiff leg offshore cranes.

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Maximising Efficiency of Your Offshore Projects with Our Portable Modular Cranes

Thunder Cranes offer API-compliant portable and modular rental cranes that are designed to provide maximum efficiency and safe lifting solutions in even the most challenging environments for all your offshore operations.

If you are searching for offshore rental cranes you have come to the right place. We not only have a wide range of cranes to suit your needs, we currently own and operate the largest fleet of offshore portable-modular rental cranes in the world.

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Things You Should Know About Our Offshore Portable-Modular Cranes

An offshore portable-modular crane is a type of crane that is designed specifically for lifting operations on offshore platforms and is definitely more cost effective compared to a conventional barge crane.

What sets our offshore modular cranes apart is their unique  design, which allows them to be quickly  rigged up and rigged down on-site, which significantly cuts down on  time as well as costs.

Apart from that, offshore portable cranes are highly versatile and adaptable to the unique challenges of offshore environments, such as space constraints, remoteness and inaccessibility. 

Thunder Cranes offers a range of powerful offshore-modular cranes that are ideal for lifting heavy loads in restricted spaces, as well as for other various offshore operations such as flare tip removal, lifting under helideck or cellar deck, helideck skidding, and launch and recovery services. 

Our API-compliant cranes are built with the highest standards of quality and safety and are designed to help our clients achieve their offshore lifting goals safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Why Offshore Portable-Modular Cranes are Necessary

Offshore platforms may lack the appropriate lifting equipment necessary to support the most efficient and cost-effective project strategy. Existing platform cranes may not have the required reach radius, hook height, or may have been de-rated, hindering the fulfilment of project requirements. Consequently, a temporary offshore rental crane may be necessary.

Out at sea, the environmental conditions can be harsh and unpredictable. Furthermore, on offshore sites there are space and accessibility constraints. Our portable cranes are designed to withstand these challenges.

Built to be rugged, durable and reliable, our cranes are capable of performing in even the most demanding conditions and can be quickly assembled and disassembled on-site. 

Besides that, our offshore portable cranes have the ability to be self-lifted and the standard installation to the platform will not require any hot work as well as minimum to no modifications to the platform itself.

This feature helps to cut down on time and allows for projects to be completed faster and with fewer delays, which in turn also saves cost. 

What Offshore Portable-Modular Cranes Do Thunder Cranes Have Available?

If you are looking for the most suitable API-compliant offshore pedestal crane or stiff leg crane to take your offshore operations to the next level, Thunder Cranes offer variations of them to meet the needs of your projects.

Our fleet of robust offshore portable-modular cranes is designed to enable rapid installation and is supplied with a team of operating crews and engineering and project management solutions.  

Choosing the Right Offshore Portable-Modular Crane for Your Project

Choosing the most suitable offshore modular crane for offshore operations can be a complex process, as there are many factors to consider. 

Ultimately, it depends on the offshore operation that needs to get done but several key considerations can help you to choose the right offshore modular crane for your needs.

These key considerations include the lifting capacity, hook height, operational environment, platform structural design, space restrictions, vessel compatibility and budget. 

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With our portable modular cranes, you can streamline your operations, reduce downtime, save costs, and maximise your productivity. 

If you are not sure which portable crane is the most suitable choice for your offshore operations, Thunder Cranes can provide you with the best solution to your challenges. 

For a quotation and further inquiries about our modular crane rental services, contact Thunder Cranes today.

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