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Offshore Pedestal Crane Models

TC 50

60ft, 75ft

TC 70

60ft, 80ft, 90ft

TC 90

60ft, 90ft, 100ft

Key Features of Pedestal Crane

360 degrees boom rotation

Rig up activities including load test will only take approximately 2 days under ideal situation

Crane boom length up to 100ft boom

Ability to be self-lifted

Standard installation to the platform will not require hot-work

Equipped with base beam that distributes load to the platform

Our Clients

Pedestal Cranes For All Your Offshore Lifting Needs

Many offshore platforms will not be equipped with the right lifting equipment to support the most efficient and cost effective project strategy. Existing platform cranes may be de-rated, lack the reach radius, or hook height to fulfil the project requirements. Therefore a temporary offshore rental crane may be required.

If you are searching for the most suitable temporary offshore pedestal crane to complete your offshore project, then you have arrived at the right place.

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Thunder Cranes’ API-compliant pedestal cranes are designed for rapid installation, are supplied with crane operators, and are backed up with onshore engineering and maintenance teams.

We offer a selection of portable-modular pedestal cranes of various dimensions to cater to the different demands of your offshore projects, each helping  to achieve your goals more efficiently. 

The Role of Our Pedestal Cranes in Offshore Platform

As part of our pedestal crane rental service, Thunder Cranes offer 3 variations of reliable  and efficient modular offshore pedestal cranes for you to choose from, and they are the TC50, TC70 and TC90. 

The TC50 has boom lengths of 60ft and 75ft and has the capacity to take on up to 28.5 tons of weight with a rig-up time of between 10 to 12 hours. 

The TC70 on the other hand, have boom lengths of 60ft, 80ft and 90ft and can hold up to 44.7 tons max with a rig-up time of 10 to 12 hours. 

Thunder Cranes’ lifting support via the TC70 modular pedestal crane proved to be critical in the success of the P&A project for Shell by providing key lifts for a christmas tree changeout; a BOP and HWU rig up and rig down; an e-line/slickline equipment; as well as general lifting and man-riding to-and-from the support vessels and platform deck. 

Finally, the TC90 pedestal crane has a similar rig-up time and boom lengths of 60ft, 90ft and 100ft. However, TC 90 has the capacity to lift up to 61.5 tons of weight. 

Thunder Cranes’ TC90 modular crane has performed a key role in supporting both HWU and RPU in a rigless P&A for Chevron, Thailand.

In the deployment of the rigless modular HWU or RPU for P&A, it is shown that adding Thunder Cranes’ TC90 modular crane and extension deck packages to the HWU/RPU package allowed for a more efficient operation. 

The Key Features of Our Offshore Pedestal Cranes

As a market-leading provider of portable-modular cranes and specialised lifting solutions, our offshore pedestal cranes with boom lengths of up to 100ft, promise reliability , adaptability and versatility to get the job done.

One of the key features of our pedestal cranes is that they have the ability to rotate 360 degrees, which allows them to effectively reach every corner of a job site.

This is crucial for a wide range of tasks, including lifting heavy machinery to moving materials and equipment.

In addition, our offshore pedestal cranes are equipped with a base beam that distributes the load to the platform.

Our highly efficient pedestal cranes also have the ability to be self-lifted and the standard installation to the platform will not require any hot work as well as minimum to no modifications to the platform structure itself.

This means that projects can be completed faster and with fewer delays, which ultimately saves time and cost in the long run. 

Furthermore, under an ideal situation, rig-up activities including load tests will  take as little as 2 days with our offshore pedestal cranes.

All our cranes are built, maintained and operated in accordance with API standards.

Why Should You Choose Pedestal Crane Rental Services From Thunder Cranes?

Thunder Cranes is a trusted name in the oil and gas industry, and we have been providing high-quality lifting and lifting-related engineering solutions to clients globally for over 25 years. Thunder Cranes currently also owns and operates one of the largest fleets of modular offshore pedestal cranes worldwide.  

We are an expert in the field and have conducted over 100,000 successful offshore lifts with our specialised lifting solutions, including our offshore pedestal crane rental services. We are API-compliant and ISO-certified, and safety is always our top priority when conducting any job. 

Thunder Cranes Offer More than Just Pedestal Crane Rental

Aside from pedestal crane rental and other lifting equipment, Thunder Cranes also offers a range of offshore lifting  solutions such as lift planning, project management, engineering  technical support services, flare tip replacements, and a variety of complex  rigging and lifting services. .

If you are interested in our pedestal crane rental service or other offshore lifting  solutions, get in touch with us today!

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