Thunder Cranes successfully positioned a TC05 modular crane on FPSO process deck to provide lifting support for a PSA vessel changeout on an FPSO. Our scope included lifting equipment from the process deck to the platform upper deck. The heaviest lift performed was 3,516Kg.


Case Summary

Performing non-routine maintenance on FPSO can be complex, time consuming, and costly. One of the challenges of performing maintenance on this FPSO in offshore Malaysia was the relative lack of crane coverage over parts of the FPSO deck.

In this case, our client had to perform a PSA vessel changeout involving four units of PSA vessels each weighing approximately 3.5 tons. This is a complex situation due to the size/weight of the vessels, and their location on level 3 of the process deck where there are major space constraints and there is no crane to perform the lifting.

The first challenge would be how to install a suitable temporary crane/lifting device on the upper deck where it would be in a position to support the PSA vessel removal and installation.

Following our site visit, as well as extensive planning & risk analysis conducted with our clients and partners, our engineers recommended the TC05 modular crane. In addition with the TC05 we would provide zone rated safety systems on all our auxiliary equipment.

Our team provided a comprehensive plan involving multi-step rigging, skidding, and lifting solutions for both our TC05 crane and for the PSA vessels themselves.

The advantage of the solution was our ability to execute creative, complex rigging and skidding procedures, as well as our ability to safely and efficiently self-lift the TC05 crane and rig up our crane on the upper deck of the process structure.


  • All materials and equipment were lifted from the supply vessel to the FPSO loading bay lay down area via the FPSO crane
  • All materials and equipment are transferred by specially designed trolleys from the loading bay lay down area to the target process area (approximately 100 metres)
  • Rig up TC05 (via self-lifting, rigging and skidding) on the upper deck (level 4) of the process structure.
  • Use of gantry and chain blocks for positioning and installation of powerpack and hydraulic tank on level 2 of an adjacent process structure.
  • Crane and equipment safety inspection and load test performed prior to commencing lifting operations.
  • Four units of PSA vessel are removed from level 3, lifted down to the deck level, and transferred to the loading bay lay down area by trolley. Four new units of PSA vessel are then lifted and installed in replacement.
  • Crane Rig Down, Demob & Transfer Onshore


Thunder Cranes proposed a lifting solution to the client via the TC05 modular crane. The PSA vessel changeout was safely and successfully completed thanks to our equipment, our ability to work closely with clients and partners on detailed planning, as well as our execution of creative, complex rigging and skidding procedures.

  • Lifting on FPSO
  • Non-routine maintenance
  • PSA Vessel Changeout
  • Target area location has no crane coverage or suitable lifting device
  • PSA Vessels size and weight (3.5 tons)
  • Space constraints and height above deck level
  • Requires installation of a temporary crane on upper deck of process structure
Our Service
  • Modular Rental Crane (TC05)
  • Complex Rigging & Skidding
  • Crane Operators
  • Detailed Planning & Preparation
  • Cost effective, safe, precision lifting solutions
  • Modular Rental Crane (TC05)
  • Complex Rigging & Skidding
  • Crane Operators
  • Detailed Planning & Preparation
  • Malaysia