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We understand that each project is unique, and we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements in critical and complex lifting scenarios.  Our Thunder Solutions division provides project-specific equipment and manpower solutions whether in support of flare tip replacements, crane changeouts, helideck skidding, or other complex offshore lifting.

Flare Tip Replacement

Thunder Solutions provides specialized lifting equipment and crew to support a flare tip changeout operation. In the preparation stage, experienced professionals work closely with you to analyse your needs and develop a customized lifting solution that fits your project scope, ensuring optimal performance and results. During the execution stage, a team of lifting experts support complete flare tip changeout operations both offshore and onshore with the innovative flare tip handling system – the TC MLS.

Complex Rigging & Lifting

Complex or “engineered” lifting and rigging solutions includes: custom rig-up of our cranes, complex rigging, skidding, and specialised mechanical handling for range of projects in the offshore environment.

Lift Planning

Thunder Cranes have planned thousands of lifts in over 25 years of operations in offshore lifting via portable-modular rental cranes. Our lifting specialists are here to provide you with the benefit of their experience in creating safe, detailed lifting plans for your offshore lifting needs.

Our Clients

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