When platform space and access to the object lift are highly restricted it becomes necessary to design a customised lifting solution, as we did for the lifting and installation of HVAC units on this Malaysian platform.


Case Summary

Our client needed to replace 2 units of HVAC located on top of the offshore living quarters. The roof top area itself had no existing crane or lifting devices and so our client required a temporary rental crane. The roof top level was also too high for a normal work barge crane to reach and it was judged to be economically impractical to engage lift boat or barge with a long enough crane reach just to perform 2 single lifts of 3MT.

Thunder Cranes was called to provide a lifting solution with a portable crane that could be installed in a restricted space between the living quarters and the heli deck. We were able to solve the problem with the portable and modular TC05 and our self-lifting capability.

Once the crane components were in place we built a crane footing on the existing structure allowing the TC05 outrigger to be mounted on it. Our crane sub-base beam was mounted via sandwich clamp method with holes drilled at the deck plate and access through the LQ room.


Offshore living in Southeast Asia is hot – when HVAC breaks down something needs to be done and done now. The HVAC replacement was critical as the existing HVAC were not in optimum condition to support P.O.B. needs.


The supply vessel carrying the HVAC units was not able to come alongside directly at the intended lift location. Hence the lifting of the new HVAC unit was split into two parts. The first part – the HVAC units were lifted by the platform pedestal crane at the main deck. The second part – HVAC units are then manually skidded by Thunder Cranes to the temporary loading area below the TC05 crane position. The TC05 then lifted the HVAC from the temporary loading area to the roof top level for installation. We were able to complete the rigging of our temporary crane and lifting of the HVAC units within 3 days. The outcome saved our client time and costs when compared with the more expensive option of hiring a lift boat or barge crane.

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Restricted Space & Accessibility
Our Service
  • Site Survey & Lift Plan
  • Offshore Rental Crane
  • Customized Rig Up of TC05 Stiff Leg
  • Skidding & Lifting Operations
  • Cost effective solution compared with barge crane
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