Thunder Cranes recently deployed a modular rental crane (TC15-SL) to assist our client with lifting operations in a pumping project at an offshore platform in Malaysia. The project was safely and successfully completed within a timely manner.


Case Summary

The client’s platform crane has a maximum capacity of 5 MT. However, the batch mixer, fluid pump and engine sections of the pumping equipment supplied by the pumping contractor were each 7 MT in weight respectively, therefore exceeding the capacity of the platform crane.

Thunder Cranes’ scope was to offload the pumping equipment from the supply boat to the platform main deck and vice versa. Our temporary rental crane was also required to assist with positioning equipment on the main deck during the project.

Prior to performing the project, a site inspection was conducted by a Thunder Cranes supervisor and engineer to verify the proposed rig up locations and to identify any requirement for the rig up activities including obstructions on the rig up area and requirement for load testing.

Following the site inspection we proposed the stiffleg crane model TC15-SL with 50ft boom length to perform the lifting activities. The TC15-SL crane model consists of 15 components including the power pack and crane accessories. The heaviest component of TC15SL is 2000kg (Power Pack). The crane component was lifted from supply vessel to the platform main deck by using the platform crane with the max capacity of 5 MT.

TC15SL was rigged up at the east of the platform in order to optimize lifting activities. The crane base beam and outrigger beam were placed on the structural beam on the main deck and secured by using sandwich clamp.

Prior to perform rigging up activities, several preparation activities were carried out as per below: 3 sets of scaffolding, size 5ft L x 5ft W x 16ft H (above the cellar deck) were erected as a temporary working platform for securing the clamps’ nuts underneath the crane beam. Platform wooden deck was slightly moved to install the beam clamp.

Upon completing the rig up activities, crane load test as per API RP 2D was done to prove the connection integrity of the crane to the platform beam. The load test was witnessed by 3rd party load test inspector from SGS.

Lifting of pumping equipment was carried out upon completion of the load test.


  • Site Inspection, Site Visit Report and Proposal
  • Equipment & Personnel Mobilisation to Platform
  • Crane Rig Up & Load Test on Platform
  • Crane Operating – Lifting Pumping Equipment
  • Pumping Project Completed
  • Crane Rig Down, Demob & Transfer Onshore


Thunder Cranes’ expertise in the provision of offshore modular rental cranes allowed us to assist our client with lifting solutions in support of the pumping activities on this offshore platform. The project was safely and successfully completed within a timely manner.

  • Well Services
  • Pumping Activities
  • Weight & Size of Pumping Equipment to be Lifted
  • Client’s Platform Crane Capacity was Insufficient
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