From time to time existing platform cranes do not have the reach or capacity to support the entire well intervention operation. Temporary rental cranes are a cost effective solution to support a platform’s existing crane during projects that require additional lifting capacity.


Case Summary

Hydraulic workover (HWO) units are self-contained, portable, running and pulling systems that provide an economical means of performing routine well maintenance for land, inland waters and offshore installations. Our client in Dubai required an offshore rental crane to assist with a lifting components of a HWO and rigging up the HWO unit on the well. After the HWO unit was rigged up the rental crane was used to support the operation with loading and offloading from the supply vessel tools and supplies stored on the boat.


In supporting the HWO work we provided crane and crews operating on a 24 hour basis over a period of 8 years. Our operation was fully managed, with maintenance included, for the duration of the project.


One common reason for hiring our cranes is to improve cost-efficiency compared with more expensive liftboats or barge cranes. Another is versatility and adaptability as our cranes supported not only HWO work but also Coil Tubing Unit work and platform crane change-outs. In this case our client has lauded the cost savings and the quality of the service provided, extending the contract 3 times to cover a period of 8 years.

  • Hydraulic Work Over Unit Support
  • Provide efficient and versatile cranes and crew to support multi-faceted lifting operations
Our Service
  • Offshore Rental Crane
  • 24 hour operations over 8 years
  • Cost effective solution compared with barge crane
  • Dubai