Thunder Cranes provided a modular pedestal crane to support a P&A campaign for Shell, Malaysia. Following temporary installation on the deck of the platform, the TC70 was in position to assist with critical lifting needed for E-Line and Slickline activities, christmas tree changeout, HWU rig up, equipment and material handling throughout the project.


Case Summary

Our client has targeted the plug and abandonment of 5 wells on 2 different platform in offshore Malaysia, with the P&A activities to be performed via hydraulic workover unit.

However the location of the planned activity and the weight of the heaviest objects to be lifted are outside of the capacity of the existing platform crane at its maximum radius, especially for the changeout of an 18 ton christmas tree.

In addition, the support barge crane has limitations due to the requirement for sufficient hook height & precision lifting in installation of BOP and HWU, as well as the christmas tree changeout.

The solution to this challenge was to install a temporary rental crane (the TC70) with sufficient lifting capacity at a suitable location on deck where it could provide the necessary lifting support.


  • Equipment & Personnel Mobilisation to Platform A
  • Crane Rig Up & Load Test on Platform A
  • Crane Operating at Platform A
  • Crane Rig Down & Transfer to Platform B
  • Crane Rig Up & Load Test on Platform B
  • Crane Operating at Platform B
  • Crane Rig Down, Demob & Transfer Onshore


During the project, TC70 crane provided key lifts for: the christmas tree changeout; the BOP and HWU rig up and rig down; the e-line/slickline equipment; as well as general lifting and man-riding to-and-from the support vessels and platform deck.

Thunder Cranes’ lifting support via the TC70 modular crane proved to be critical in the success of the P&A project where all 5 targeted wells were successfully abandoned.

  • Plug & Abandonment
  • Platform crane capacity insufficient for heaviest lifts.
  • Barge crane insufficient stability for precision lifts.
Our Service
  • Modular Rental Crane (TC70)
  • Crane Operators
  • Lifting equipment & materials from support vessel to platform
  • Lifting Christmas Tree
  • Lifting support for rigging up BOP and HWU
  • Man-riding personnel from support vessel to platform deck
  • Cost effective, safe, precision lifting
  • Malaysia