Thunder Cranes enables clients to make non-routine project work more efficient, in this case by applying new methods to the challenge of installing compressor modules on platforms in the Gulf of Thailand.


Case Summary

Booster compressor installations and swap outs on platforms in the Gulf of Thailand had previously been time consuming and inefficient, taking up to 6 weeks from delivery by supply boat to completed installation.

This was primarily due to the assembly time of compressors once offshore. The compressors were going offshore in 30 component parts as existing platform cranes could not handle the lifting of loads exceeding 3 tons. The subsequent lifting, assembly and installation of some 30 component parts of compressors was time inefficient and costly.

By installing a TC90 temporary crane aboard the same platforms, Thunder Cranes enabled these compressors to go out in only 3 component packages, ready for more rapid assembly.


With Thunder Cranes’ lifting solutions the boosters compressors went out in only 3 packages which could be lifted from supply boat to platform within 90 minutes.


The lifting solution we proposed enabled our client to consolidate 30+ individual lifts into not more than 3 or 4 total lifts, and a 6 week lifting, assembly & installation process was shortened to 2 weeks. As a result our client saw a much safer and more efficient process and felt the cost savings immediately. Since the first compressor package installation back in 2008, our client hasn’t looked back, and we haven’t either.

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Shorten compressor module installation time
Our Service
  • Site survey & lifting plan
  • Offshore Crane Rental
  • Lifting Operations
  • Reduced compressor installation time
  • Reduce manpower required for compressor installation
  • Reduce overall cost of compressor installation operations
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