From time to time we are called in to help create solutions for challenges that are unique – supporting a submarine sea trial project was one such.


Case Summary

Our client has to conduct sea trials for a submarine at a large naval base in Asia. During the sea trials a series of tests are to be carried out – one such test required the launch of a specially built device from a top-side vessel. However the vessel itself did not have a launching system, therefore Thunder Cranes were was invited to this project to provide a customised lifting solution.


4 weeks from structural analysis of the vessel, to installation and load testing of the equipment. The installation was completed 3 days prior to sea trials.


The challenge was to come up with a customized lifting solution to launch the client’s equipment from the vessel – for this particular project we used a modified LARS (launch and recovery system) fitted with a Thunder Cranes winch and welded to the deck of the vessel. The solution was provided and our client was able to complete the sea trial successfully.

  • Submarine Sea Trials
  • Customised lifting solution required
Our Service
  • Site Inspection & Lift Plan
  • Engineered Solution
  • Modified LARS
  • Lifting Operation
  • Client able to launch device and complete submarine sea trial
  • Asia