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In their 25th year, Thunder Cranes continues to receive recognition from the Oil and Gas industry and is proud to be part of the Petronas SPE-WIS team’s achievement of 4 million safe man hours without LTI.

At Samarang Bravo, Thunder Cranes received the Petronas Focused Recognition Award for its role in the SPE-WIS team’s continuous effort towards delivering commitment in the most efficient and safe manner. Thunder Cranes completed the rig up of TC70 for the Coil Tubing Unit 2019 campaign efficiently and safely despite a challenging job schedule.

Subsequently the Thunder Cranes team safely completed the heavy lift of CTU items from vessel to onboard Samarang Bravo Platform, ensuring timely commencement of the campaign.

“The (Thunder Cranes) team exemplifies high reliability in terms of crane operations”, Sushila A. Ghani (Head of Well Intervention & Services SPE-WIS, Petronas).