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Our 25th anniversary is coming soon, and what better way to say thanks to staff and customers than by launching the 5th development of Thunder Cranes portable crane fleet: the TC90-05XL pedestal crane, which is the 2nd generation TC90. Built in partnership with Appleton Marine, USA, the TC90-05XL is scheduled for delivery in the latter part of Q3, 2019. It features:

1- API 2C monogram

2- All components ship inside containers versus break bulk…this will dramatically reduce costs associated with mobilisation Different boom configurations allow for a multitude of job applications

3- Enhanced rig up/rig down features for a faster, safer installation on site

4- Ease of access to critical parts makes offshore maintenance a snap

CEO Chris Poheng, sums it up well: “We are excited to be able to deliver this next-generation crane to our customers…it incorporates our 25 years of experience into one, very usable package.”

Be on the lookout for updates on delivery and commissioning photos for the new TC90-05XL Pedestal Crane.