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Thunder Cranes is proud to have contributed to the latest successful offshore plug and abandonment project for our clients in the oilfields of Terengganu, Malaysia.

As more oil and gas fields in Malaysia and the region approach the end of their lifespan, the demand for decommissioning works continues to grow. In Malaysia itself, around 35 of 300 platforms have been operating for over 40 years, and some 200 wells have been identified to be plugged and abandoned.

Offshore portable rental cranes, such as those provided by Thunder Cranes, are playing a crucial support role by assisting with the lifting capacity required in P&A and decommissioning projects.

With our offshore portable cranes fixed on the platform, we are in a position to assist with high volume and precision lifting, on a 24 hour basis, to enable :

1- The rigging up of the Hydraulic Work Over (HWO) tower or P&A unit on the main platform deck, which in this particular case reached a height of 70ft.

2- The positioning of service provider equipment on deck.

3- The transfer of tubing from tower to tubing basket.

4- The lifting support required by the service provider to run completion tools into the well.

In recognition, our client presented Thunder Cranes with a Focused Recognition Award for “100% participation in all HSE programs and no significant issues with regard to their equipment. Adequate support given to other contractors with the P&A project. By doing this, you have positively impacted on the following key results: Contributed to the success of plug and abandonment in 7 wells and contributed towards 200,000 man hours without LTI.”

Lifting activities lie on the critical path of a P&A project and our offshore lifting services in support of the client and other contractors have to be reliable, efficient, and most importantly safe. This is what we do best.