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The world, and especially Asia, is facing an epidemic of plastic waste being dumped into the oceans.  The problems go back to issues of waste collection in municipalities, of attitudes and behaviours within communities, and of over-supply of plastics in general.

Whatever the reasons, combating plastic waste in the oceans has become an increasingly urgent issue. While we do not get involved on the politics of the issues, we feel every effort to remove plastic waste is needed and we are proud to support these efforts.

One such effort is in our Labuan Marine Park area, where an ongoing beach cleanup program was set in motion, organized in conjunction with the Labuan Federal Territory Fisheries Department and the Labuan Dive Club, which attracted 130 participants.

The cleanup program involves beaches on two islands, Kuraman Island and Rusukan Island. The program successfully exposes volunteers to the importance of roles and responsibilities in the area of ​​environmental sustainability, especially in relation to coastal ecosystem management and biodiversity.  At the same time, the program promotes Labuan Marine Park as a diving attraction for the Labuan tourism economy.

In what was the first of hopefully many more such programs held on the 27th of July 2019, around 130 volunteers collected 532 pounds of waste on Rusukan Island.