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Thunder Cranes has increased its Thailand offshore service capability with the addition of a crane testing facility at its Songkhla base.

Established in 2019, the Songkhla base consists of open yard space, covered warehouse and crane maintenance facilities. This facility is in addition to the Thunder Cranes head office and 34,400 ft2 yard located in Sattahip.

Tom Withers (GM of Thunder Cranes Thailand) said, “The addition of the crane test pad at our base in Songkhla has come as a direct result of increased demand for our units, and shows our commitment to provide our clients with optimum mobilisation response times in offshore Thailand.”

As Tom Withers explains, “With the test pad we can conduct simulation of actual offshore installation during testing activities in the yard, which ensures that the crane is fully ready for the incoming projects”.

Thailand has been a focal point for Thunder Cranes since it first established operations here in 2005, and the company has significantly grown its rental crane fleet to meet customer demand in the area.

In addition, TC was recently awarded a long term contract by an international operator to support offshore P&A projects – part of a major asset retirement and decommissioning campaign in the Gulf of Thailand – which has further increased mobilisation requirements.

In line with Thunder Cranes’ long-term strategy to provide optimum turn-around times on cranes mobilised to projects in southern Thailand, the Songkhla base and test stand ensures its service capability continues to grow with demand in the offshore fields.

Thunder Cranes Thailand bases located in Sattahip and Songkhla.

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