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The Thunder Cranes Group has been providing offshore lifting services since 1994 and our latest contract is a 3-year project with Chevron Corporation supporting plug and abandonment projects in the Gulf of Thailand for some 3000 wells.

The multi-million dollar contract with Chevron will see Thunder Cranes adding a further 3 brand new TC90XL cranes to its fleet, making Thunder Cranes the largest operator of offshore rental cranes in the Asia-Pacific region and just one of only four providers of self-lifting offshore cranes globally.

Thunder Cranes has been providing offshore lifting services with Chevron since 2007 and we believe this continuation shows that when given the opportunity to provide solutions and demonstrate our capabilities, clients often find Thunder Cranes invaluable to their projects.

“Apart from Malaysia and Brunei, Thailand has been a focal point for Thunder Cranes since our entry into the market a decade ago and this latest award demonstrates the reputation we have successfully built in the region. In the next 6 to 12 months we will be expanding further and bidding on several major project contracts in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia.” said Poheng.