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David Withers, Thunder Cranes sales and special projects manager, talks about Thunder Cranes’ support for community water projects in Malaysia, one of many worthy CSR outreach projects that Thunder Cranes has contributed to over the years.

“The gravity water project in Kg Parad is a good example of how we like to do things – our preference is to give directly to good causes where 100% of the money can be put to good use,” said David.

The funds donated by Thunder Cranes has allowed the community to tap into a natural spring, located some 5km away, and then pipe the spring water to 3 large holding tanks which by gravity could then feed water to the various households in the area. Thunder Cranes also donated beds and computers to the local Church’s hostel and children’s library.

“With Kg Parad, there were some 50 households in that community that did not have access to a regular water supply. Of course we don’t need to talk about how important water is, so we didn’t hesitate to get involved. Being able to make a difference for both our staff and the local communities where they come from – this is what makes all the hard work we do worth it.”

In addition to the Kg Parad project Thunder Cranes donated RM10,000 towards a tube well project on Pulau Mabul, with the aim of supplying clean water for school children and villagers. The project was part of the second edition of Sabah Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) social responsibility programme. The first tube well, which costs some RM40,000, is expected to be completed by the first quarter of this year.