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Maintenance, repairs and non-routine project work on tankers/VLCC’s, bulk carriers and FPSO Vessels may, from time-to-time, require a range of lifting and skidding services, including portable-modular rental cranes.

Much of a vessel’s deck area will be out of the reach of the vessel’s own deck cranes and lifting devices. On FPSO for example, up to 70% of the deck area may be outside the reach radius of the FPSO’s own cranes – more if the vessel’s cranes are experiencing downtime. And furthermore, in the case of non-routine work, the additional lifting activities placed on the vessel’s cranes can become disruptive to existing routine lifting operations.

Therefore to avoid potential disruptions to productivity, or routine operations, temporary rental cranes may be an optimal solution: Our cost-effective rental cranes can be rigged up on deck with various safe tie down options including bolting and clamping which require no hot work.


“You don’t to take a ship into a wetdock just because you have heavy equipment to talk out of the f’c’stle!”

A temporary crane brought offshore to provide a lifting solution can be an alternative to waiting for dry dock or wet dock. And if your manifold crane/ hvac condenser/ engine room vent fans / rudder/ or 4mT electric motor can’t wait until dry dock/wet dock then a Thunder Crane can be a far more cost-effective solution than hiring a liftboat or barge crane to carry out the necessary lifting.

Furthermore, when it comes to non-routine work for upgrades/maintenance the choices made on the timing and implementation of the work can have important potential impacts on productivity.

Where operational efficiency can be improved, or production downtime minimised, or productivity maximised, there is a clear cost-benefit for introducing efficient lifting solutions to complete a project.


Thunder Cranes provide comprehensive services to match your offshore lifting requirements:

    • Detailed Lift Planning
    • Portable-Modular Rental Cranes
    • Offboard Lifting and Onboard Lifting
    • Complex Rigging & Skidding
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