Stiff leg crane

What is a Stiffleg Crane?

The image above shows a TC15 stiffleg crane lifting the tubing reel for a CTU package. Our cranes are often deployed to support coiled tubing operations offshore. What is a stiffleg crane and What are it’s features and benefits? Our stiffleg crane is modular and portable, so we can transport the crane offshore via supply vessel […]


Thunder Cranes Opens 2nd Crane Testing Facility in Thailand

Thunder Cranes has increased its Thailand offshore service capability with the addition of a crane testing facility at its Songkhla base. Established in 2019, the Songkhla base consists of open yard space, covered warehouse and crane maintenance facilities. This facility is in addition to the Thunder Cranes head office and 34,400 ft2 yard located in […]

Thunder Cranes offshore load test

Load Testing for Modular Offshore Cranes

By Fauzy Khamis (Head of Technical Support) What is a load test? In the offshore lifting industry, a load test is a type of test that proves the fitness of a crane. It involves the application of a static, dynamic, or functional load for a period of time. It is conducted after completing the visual […]


Offshore Modular Cranes: Features & Benefits

We sat down with David Withers – Sales & Special Projects Manager – for an interview to discuss; how modular cranes have become important for many offshore projects; what their key features and benefits are; and why Thunder Cranes is a leading provider of modular rental cranes in the market today. What are modular cranes? […]


TC Extension Deck – Product Explainer

We interviewed Thunder Cranes (Thailand) sales manager Finian Chin to get an insight into the “TC Extension Deck” – what it is, how it’s used and why it is increasingly in demand. What is the TC Extension Deck? Very briefly our TC Extension Deck is a steel deck assembled in modules, that can be placed […]

New Offshore Pedestal Crane

Arrival of Brand New TC90-06XL in Thailand

The TC90-06XL Crane arrived on the 8th of May to our Thunder Cranes facility in Thailand. Shipped from the USA the brand new crane is a sister crane to the TC90-05XL and the latest in a new generation of offshore portable, modular crane which are evolved for safer, more efficient offshore lifting solutions. Featuring enhanced […]


A New Generation of Offshore Portable Crane

Chris Poheng, CEO of Thunder Cranes talks about our latest portable, modular crane technology developed for safer, more efficient offshore lifting solutions. Our newest 90-ton offshore crane is the 2nd generation of the TC90 and the fifth overall development in our series of portable, modular cranes, and has been designed and upgraded to meet the […]


Lifting Success in Offshore P&A Project

Thunder Cranes is proud to have contributed to the latest successful offshore plug and abandonment project for our clients in the oilfields of Terengganu, Malaysia. As more oil and gas fields in Malaysia and the region approach the end of their lifespan, the demand for decommissioning works continues to grow. In Malaysia itself, around 35 […]


TC90-05XL Pedestal Crane

Our 25th anniversary is coming soon, and what better way to say thanks to staff and customers than by launching the 5th development of Thunder Cranes portable crane fleet: the TC90-05XL pedestal crane, which is the 2nd generation TC90. Built in partnership with Appleton Marine, USA, the TC90-05XL is scheduled for delivery in the latter […]