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Palliative care is particularly important to address the needs and minimize the suffering of terminally ill cancer patients.  With the advancement in the treatment of diseases, adults and children facing serious chronic illnesses can have a much longer lifespan.  While doctors may be successful in giving their patients a longer life, both the disease and the treatment can cause pain and side effects.

The aim of palliative care is to improve the patients’ quality of life, manage pain, and restore dignity. While patients’ must still face their illness, the support of palliative care can make each day a more positive experience that allows the patient to make the most of the time they have with their families.

Thunder Cranes recently partnered with PETRONAS Carigali to support the Palliative Care Association of Miri (PCAM).  The programme, held in PCSB SKA Main Building, featured educational talks and presentations by palliative care doctors and cancer specialists to help raise awareness among our staff.

Following a Q&A session held with the attendees, PCSB and Thunder Cranes presented a donation of an oxygen concentrator.  Oxygen therapy is used for reducing breathlessness in patients who have low levels of oxygen in their blood (hypoxaemia) and an oxygen concentrator is a machine that draws in room air and filters it to gives the correct amount of oxygen the patient requires, it can provide relief to patients with breathing difficulties and can be very helpful for specific diseases.