Thunder Cranes has 2 main operational hubs: Sattahip (Thailand), and Labuan (Malaysia). The largest of the facilities is 89,340 sq ft and located at Labuan’s Asian Supply Base, East Malaysia’s foremost Oil & Gas hub. In Sattahip (Thailand) we have a 34,400 sq ft facility.

Both facilities feature integrated HSE, Operations, Technical & Maintenance, Logistics/storage-warehouse, workshop and open yard. Our crane test pad and open yard area provide a controlled environment for the rig-up and rig-down and testing of lifting equipment and gear.

The workshops carry out major OEM maintenance and servicing work for its fleet; minor maintenance is carried out at the relevant onshore support bases worldwide.

Thunder Cranes utilises Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to manage day-to-day operations and to track the status of preventative maintenance work, to monitor the associated costs of that work, and to provide valuable information for preparing key performance indicators (KPIs)/metrics to use in evaluating the effectiveness of the current operations and to support organisational and personnel decisions.

Thunder Cranes’ quality working environment improves operational functionality and encourages a strong pride in the workforce with corresponding job performance.

Facility features include:

Thunder Cranes Malaysia Yard


Thunder Cranes Thailand Yard


To Be A Global Leader In Lifting Solutions.


To Deliver Innovative Lifting Products And Services To The Oil And Gas Industry Through A Dynamic Team Of Ethically Minded People.




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