Thunder Cranes offers a wide range of rental equipment designed for lifting, rigging, and skidding in the offshore oil and gas industry, including:


Thunder Cranes’ modular design enables rapid installation (2 to 5 days), with standard mechanical installation involving no hot work. Depending on your requirement a Rig safe or Zone 2 power pack provides the necessary hydraulic drive.

Our cranes are supplied complete with operating crews, engineering and project management solutions. We utilize a proven and tested technique of self-lifting our cranes when existing platform cranes are either too small, not functioning or when there are no platform cranes at all.

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When we say "self-lifting" we mean the ability to rig our cranes up on offshore structures with minimal assistance from 3rd parties, and in some cases without the use of a third party crane, platform crane, or lift vessel. We have a safe and reliable process to rig up all our offshore rental cranes, including our largest cranes, at locations where there is no conventional lifting capability.

Our self-lifting capabilities can be of enormous benefit to our clients in terms of cost savings and time savings on offshore platforms where cranes are not functioning, have been de-rated, or where there is no existing crane or lifting device at all.

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