Rapid deployment and self-lift rig up of TC20 and TC90 cranes enabled coil tubing work to begin ahead of schedule at this platform offshore Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, the “rigless” CT work supported by our cranes was a cost effective solution compared with expensive HWO rigs.

Case Summary

The platform directly over the wells identified for intervention was not big enough to accommodate all of the coil tubing equipment. However, there were two platforms located 50 feet apart from each other, and we were able to design a lifting plan, using 2 cranes and both platforms, to carry out the work-over job. For the purposes of this case study we will name them "Platform A" and "Platform B".

Using the existing platform jib crane we lifted the component parts of the 20 ton crane (TC20) from supply vessel to Platform A. Once TC20 was rigged up and load tested it then lifted the component parts of our 90 ton crane (TC90) from supply vessel to Platform A. After the TC90 was rigged up it rigged down the TC20 and lifted all of the TC20 components from Platform A to Platform B. TC20 was then rigged up on Platform B.

TC90 was able to pick up the coiled tubing reel, with a long enough boom to be able to hook to the coiled tubing pipe and pull it over from one platform to another to be run through the injector. Over on platform A, working in tandem with the TC90, the TC20 lifted, rigged up, and helped support the coiled tubing injector.


Day 1 - Offload and start rig up TC20
Day 2 - Finish rig up and load test TC20
Day 3 - Offload and start rig up TC90
Day 4 - Finish rig up and load test TC90
Day 5 - Rig down TC20 and move to attached platform
Day 6 - Rig up TC20 on attached platform
Day 7 - Load test TC20 and begin supporting CT work


Well productivity is crucial in the current oil price climate. At the same time economic cost is an important determinant in judging the success of a well intervention project. Mobilising an offshore rig with its associated costs is an expensive undertaking.

Thunder Cranes provides a safe and cost effective alternative via portable, modular cranes that can be rapidly deployed and rigged up on offshore platforms. In this case we had rigged up and load tested 2 cranes within 7 days, with minimal 3rd party assistance, thanks to the TC clamping method (which requires no welding to the platform); the portable, modular design of the cranes; and, our highly experienced crews.





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